Saturday, July 16, 2011

Neither Tax, Nor Entitlement

Neither Tax, Nor Entitlement America watch these people who are running for office that are against Social Security, this guy does not even know what it is all about. Senator Song Bird John McCain does not know how Social Security is funded. He said it is a disgrace yet he is fast to take his 1900 dollars a month.

For these uneducated politicians that love to attack the senior citizens, this is what Social is all About. The American people pay for Social Security not the government, how ever the government instead of putting the money in a trust fund they put it in the general fund so they can spend it.

Social security is a matching retirement like the 401k, the employees pays 6.5% of his pay check and his employer matches it.

The government owes Social Security trillions.

Boehner and a bunch of big business owned politicians are paid by big business to destroy Social Security so they will not have to pay their half.

Social Security and Medicare is not free, it is not welfare, it is not an entitlement, it is the employees trust fund paid for by the employee. It does not cost government one dime, it is not broke, it was good for 39 years until Speaker Boehner and Obama made a deal for Boehner to cut the FICA which has nothing to do with the national debt or any expense to the government. The cut on the FICA was an attack against the senior citizen of America!

The circus you see in washington is a sham, Speaker Boehner and his side kick have lied and deceived the American people with the help of Obama. Republicans agenda to destroy Social Security and medicare, they don't care abput the celling or the national debt, Big Business payes them to destroy Social Security and Medicare. it will save big business billions. Not the government and has nothing to do with the national debt.