Thursday, January 15, 2015

Throw More Money into Government-Controlled Education

Throw More Money into

Government curricula can thus make children believe whatever they want them to believe through subtle and subliminal brainwashing

Throw More Money into Government-Controlled Education

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh  January 15, 2015 
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The Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, wants to have “equity” in education and to replace the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) with a new law that would include government-funded preschool. The sooner the collectivist indoctrination starts, the better. NCLB already cost taxpayers $25 billion in 2014.
Government failed miserably with Head Start but the taxpayers’ memories are short. Sec. Duncan wants to throw $1 billion more to the Title I program to low-income school districts with no guarantee that it will make a bit of difference in the education outcomes of those students, particularly since curricula is dictated by the wicked Common Core standards with the nonsensical and unnecessarily complex math, collectivist indoctrination, and proselytizing for Islam.
No wonder teachers with a conscience are retiring early after 22 years of teaching‚Äînobody wants to jump through political correctness hoops, they want to teach traditional curriculum that made Americans successful before the Department of Education came into being and before Bill Gates decided to change it into “Conformity Core” Standards.
Government intrusion into education is not a formula for success. Parents, teachers, and even some administrators have no idea how the data mining of their children is going to be used by third parties who will purchase the information. The start-up company, Knewton, has gathered information on 4 million children.
Politico reports, “Students are tracked as they play online games, watch videos, read books, take quizzes and run laps in physical education. The monitoring continues as they work on assignments from home, with companies logging children’s locations, homework schedules, Web browsing habits and, of course, their academic progress.”
Knewton, according to parents, administrators, and teachers, collects more data on our children than the NSA. When parents protested against data-mining, Knewton’s CEO Jose Ferreira responded that “concerns are overblown,” he was helping them learn. He asked, “Is it simply that they don’t want a for-profit company to map their kids’ minds? If not, why not? They’d rather the NSA have it? What, you trust government?”
Knewton, which advertises, “The world’s most innovative learning companies use Knewton technology to boost student achievement,” has the following partners: Government-Controlled Education

Special Session Looks Like Train Wreck for GOP

Special Session Looks Like Train Wreck for GOPNext month’s special session of the legislature is shaping up as a real embarrassment for the Tennessee Republican Party. Gov. Bill Haslam, the party’s leader and potential national star, says Medicaid expansion is “morally and fiscally the right thing to do.” Yet at the moment, just about every member of his super-duper majority seems bound and determined to stick to the immoral and fiscally wrong.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Satire versus Kalashnikovs

Satire versus Kalashnikovsharlie Hebdo that killed at least 12 people and injuring 7, have a number of lessons we all need to learn.

The first and most obvious is that an assault by a group of armed gunmen is almost impossible for most businesses and institutions to resist.  This should be a reminder that a Mumbai or Nairobi style of attack with Kalashnikov-equipped gunmen in the heart of any of our cities is a threat that almost no police force is adequately prepared to meet.  The next attack like this could be in a hospital, a TV station, or another school (does anyone really remember Beslan?).
The second point to remember is that we know more attacks like this are coming.  In the grand plan long articulated by the strategists of al Qaeda, the plan for the Grand Jihad was first to start toppling Arab governments, then recreate the Caliphate, and then go on to general terroristic-warfare against the West. The attack in Paris suggests some of the Jihadists think it is time to get stage III started.
The pre-planned and carefully articulated “spontaneous” outrage to the Danish Cartoons of 2006 was only a warm-up exercise, but it was aimed at a central tenet of Western civilization – free expression and inquiry.  In return for the Jylands-Posten cartoon depictions of Mohammed, a campaign of mass intimidation was launched to give notice to our media about what was now off-limits.
The initial coverage of the attack on Charlie Hebdo has already seen many news commentators implying that the fearlessness the magazine has shown in the past incited the attack.  That may be true but it is also irrelevant.