Friday, June 5, 2015

Liberal Professor Fears His Liberal Students | Lean Right America – Advocating our rights for a better America

Liberal Professor Fears His Liberal Students | Lean Right America – Advocating our rights for a better AmericaA liberal professor, writing under the pseudonym “Edward Schlosser,” penned an essay in Vox this week claiming that his liberal students “terrify” him. According to Schlosser, the younger set has grown so attached to their own emotional arguments that it is impossible to challenge their beliefs without running into academic ruin. “I wish there was a less blunt way to put this,” he writes, “but my students sometimes scare me – particularly the liberal ones.”

Schlosser contends that the academic atmosphere today puts a student’s feelings above all else. The dynamic gives “each and every student the ability to claim Grievous Harm in nearly any circumstance, after any affront,” and the power of a teacher to rebut these claims has grown weak. Schlosser says that he and other professors have been forced to adjust their strategies and materials to make sure none of their students are offended.
In making his argument, Schlosser points to a colleague who was not asked to come back after students complained about “offensive” books he’d assigned to the class. These books, written by Mark Twain and Edward Said, were supposed to be a “little upsetting,” claimed the adjunct. That defense inspired even more outrage, and it ultimately closed the door on his tenure at the university.
Schlosser isn’t the first liberal to express contempt for the way the political winds have shifted. The old guard is finding themselves out of touch with the new liberal movement, and it could represent a big crack in the American left. Older liberals – especially those in academics – prize free speech above almost all else. The younger set has no such loyalty. To them, there is no greater crime than to offend. They have mixed up bodily harm with emotional harm; to upset them is to assault them.
Thus we see the rise of the safe space. We see the rise of students claiming that they felt “threatened” by an opinion that didn’t match their own. We see a push for “trigger warnings,” even on texts originating in ancient Greece. Today’s entitled young liberals have their worldview set in stone. They don’t want to hear the other side of the argument. They want to put their fingers in their ears and pretend the world is as they want it to be. Anything that upsets the apple cart must be pushed away.
Schlosser is concerned about the future of academia, but these sheltered ninnies will soon be taking their tyrannical ideology out into the real world. It will start creeping into mainstream politics the same way all of these extreme leftist positions eventually do. Soon enough, we’ll hear calls to boycott Republican debates because the ideas they espouse do not conform to modern feminist theory. And if history is anything to go by, Americans will slowly but surely follow them down this idiotic, stifling path.
It’s hard enough to conduct a reasonable debate of ideas in this country without a set of morons unwilling to engage. Schlosser predicts the demise of liberal politics if this kind of “safe space” liberalism infects the mainstream. If only I could feel that optimistic.
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