Friday, June 13, 2014

Multiple States Launch Plan to Legally Stop Obama… Without Congress

Multiple States Launch Plan to Legally Stop Obama… Without Congress

Multiple States Launch Plan to Legally Stop Obama… Without Congress

The federal government has grown in leaps and bounds over the course of American history, far beyond the original intentions of size and scope that the Framers had in mind.

The government has routinely ignored the Constitutional constraints that are supposed to limit it, and instead have encroached upon the rights and sovereignty of the states and the people, using their vast bureaucracies and agencies to interfere in virtually all aspects of life with taxes, legislation and regulations.

In response, numerous states are fighting back against President Obama and the federal government that he leads, using the Tenth Amendment and federalism as their main weapon.

The two predominate methods for states to fight back against the federal government is through the nullification of certain laws within a state’s borders, and by an Article V Convention of the States to propose amendments to the Constitution.

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Perhaps the best and most effective way to combat the overreach and tyranny of Obama and the federal government is through nullification.

One of the “powers” that is not enumerated in the Constitution, and therefore reserved to the states, is that of nullification, in which states can stop the overreach of the federal government by determining for themselves if a federal law is compatible with their state’s and the US Constitution.  If not, the state can declare the federal law to be null and void, and of no effect, within the borders of their state.
The Supreme Court has ruled that states are under no obligations to enforce federal laws, and can’t be compelled to assist the feds in the enforcement of federal law with any of the state’s resources like money or manpower.  Basically, if a state nullifies a federal law, it falls entirely upon the feds to enforce that law by themselves, something that the federal government certainly does not have the resources to do.

Nullification can be used in regards to certain specific laws, for example Obamacare and gun control, or for governmental regulations, like Idaho is doing with the EPA.  States can even nullify entire agencies, like California is attempting to do with the NSA.

Convention of States

Another method for stopping Obama and the federal government is through a Constitutional Article V Convention of the States for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution designed to rein in their overspending and overreaching.

A Convention of States is based upon a provision within Article V of the Constitution, which deals with the amendment process.  If 2/3 of states submit special applications, they can call for a convention that will propose new amendments to the Constitution through state delegates.  If 3/4 of the state legislatures agree on the proposed amendments, they will become part of the Constitution, bypassing both Congress and the President.
At this moment, a number of states are working through the process of officially applying for a Convention.  Such a Convention of States would likely propose amendments that would deal with things such as a mandatory balanced budget, caps on taxes, term limits, and additional oversight and veto power over agencies and bureaucracies, among other ideas.

A number of popular voices on the conservative front have come out in support of a convention, including people like radio host Mark Levin, former Governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin, columnist George Will, and former Congressman Allen West, among others.

These are the main ways that states can legally stop Obama and the government, with or without Congress.  Individuals can also do their part to stop the federal government, mainly through noncompliance.  If people rebel against the many various and onerous rules and regulations set forth by the ever-growing bureaucracy, those rules and regulations begin to lose their effectiveness.  When a massive number of people refuse to comply with the tyranny of big government, that government loses it’s authority over the masses.