Thursday, June 2, 2011

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Conservative Action Alerts show

The federal reserve has given trillions of dollars to foreign banks and countries, If they had invested this in America we would not be in this trouble.

If the federal reserved had not lost 9 trillion unaccounted for.

If we were not giving foreign Aid to 150 foreign countries including, guess who? CHINA

If the republicans would stop lying to the American people about Social Security being broke, for theses that are to lazy to check out the facts, SS is not broke. The speaker of the house with the help of OBAMA CUT THE FICA TAX WHICH WILL CAUSE SS TO RUN OUT OF MONEY IN 20 Years instead of 40! Republicans attacking the seniors and elderly of this nation. Social Security has not and will not cosy the government one dime. Big business does not want to pay for their half of the employees SS retirement. The FICA you pay half and the employer pays half, the government spends trillions of your SS trust fund every year. WAKE UP!

Medicare is not broke and neither SS or MC has anything to do with the national debt! Fraud has damaged Medicare and the people we elected knows that, they refuse to send the criminal to jail.

The republican Speaker of the house, his agenda is the Bush agenda to destroy Social Security and medicare, it is a Republican agenda and corporation's do not want to pay their fair share, it has nothing to do with the national debt, they lie, check out the facts if you know how to read.