Monday, January 31, 2011

Out Source military equipment to foreign countries, cost America thousands of jobs and over $400 million dollars.

America can not recover with the military letting foreign countries build our equipment! The money belongs to the American people and should be paid to Americans to build military equipment.

President Obama lied about creating jobs!

Republicans lied about creating jobs!

Rep. Bechmann wants to cut heath care and disability for veterans! This is her answer to cutting cost! Veterans you need to get her out of office! Bechmann will be the one to put Obama back into office in 2012 by turning veterans against the republicans in office.

Bush and Rumsfelt  tried to do the same thing. Bush formed a committee that took a year for them to gather information on veterans disability. Bush and Rumsfelt was hoping they would cut benefits.

The committee submitted their finding that the disabled veterans should be given a 25% across the board pay raise. Bush and Rumsfelt did not like that one bit!

The Bush got Bob Dole the worse person to ever serve in the Senate to form another committee, they tried to cut health care and disability benefits for veterans.

It failed to get passed. The republican Rep over the veteran committee tried to take away benefits from veterans. His Name is Rep. Steve Buyer a poor excuse for an American!

Obama gave the Republicans a trade off on the Bush tax cuts! It was the FICA tax cut tht would save big business millions and only save the tax payer a couple od dollars on their pay check. This was the republican agenda when Bush was in office to destroy Special Security and that5 is what Obama did. Obama said in the past he would protect Social Security and Medicare. He lied! He also said in the past it would only take a couple of dollars a month to secure Social Security way into the future! He lied to the American people and became a puppet for the Republicans.

Obama said he would create jobs and as usual he lied!

Wake up America and demand that the government stop creating jobs for foreign countries with our money! This is a serous matter and we need to cut cost and create jobs and the people from your state needs to protect this country or get them out of office. You can change the direction of this nation. If you do not contact your members of congress they will think you don't care and continue their destruction of America!

Forget about party, both are pushing the same agenda and they flip flop back and forth. David rockeferrer and the CFR that Obama admitted he went to them for advice. Obama is a puppet for the CFR and the Bilderberg Group! The people we elect are not in control of this nation and you need to stop them.